That’s right, Christmas is finally here again. Today should be a time to cherish the ones you love, to celebrate with the family that you see less and less every year. There will probably be at lest a few heartwarming moments, even if you the only things holding your family together are divorce settlements and alimony payments. There will also be some terribly uncomfortable moments; even the most functional of families will find a way to embarrass you this holiday season. 

There is no way for us to stop your family from embarrassing you. Just as sure as you will be forced to fix your parent’s computer and just as sure as they will ask you run every errand that crops up from now through the moment they haul you back to the bus station, discomfort and shame is a sure bet. What we can do is outline exactly how the people who share your surname will turn your cheeks a hot red and force you to roll your eyes so far into the back of your head that they might get stuck there. Here are 10 Ways Your Family Will Embarrass You This Christmas.