Gran Turismo is, and always has been, all about the cars. PlayStation’s signature racing series is the go-to game for gearheads the world over, with its realistic physics, real-world tracks, and addictive race modes. But above all else in the series, the cars are what’s most important to fans.

Gran Turismo 6 finally hit shelves this month after a long three-year wait since GT5 came out, and that means the car-obsessed among us are about to disappear into our man caves for another few weeks. This series lets players live out their ultimate car fantasies, racing their dream rides all around the world, souping them up and ogling them to their hearts’ content.

That’s really what keeps Gran Turismo fans coming back. It’s car ecstasy, pure and simple. And with around 1,200 cars to choose from in GT6 alone, it will never get old for many players. That number has been growing since the beginning of the series, so naturally we’ve got some favorites from over the years. Here are 10 that we wish were in our garage—what Gran Turismo cars do you wish were in yours?