When I was little, I wanted to be a pop star. Once, I set my boom box next to my bed and grabbed my brush to use as a mic. I lined up my stuffed animals in order of furry to furriest and quickly hid behind my window curtains. The door was closed, my grandma was asleep and I finally got my hair to look like Britney’s. It was time. I shuffled inside the curtains and took a final deep breath.

“Introducing… DIANE SPEARS.”

I popped out of the curtain, coolly walked towards the boom box and pressed play. My heart was thumping. I had spent weeks trying to memorize the “Slave 4 U” dance and I wasn’t about to mess it up now. “I know I may be young,” I lip-synced as I locked eyes with my stuffed bear. I ended up performing the whole album and lost track of time. I was having so much fun repeating the moves that I didn’t notice my grandma who appeared at my door, watching me dance, with a look of horror on her face. 

As fans of entertainers, we watch Justin Timberlake and Beyoncé perform incredible shows but we neglect to recognize the team that is backing them. We don’t truly appreciate the choreographer that creates an experience for the audience and the group of dancers who bring the experience to life. Thanks to YouTube, dancers and choreographers have been able to bring mass exposure to their classes and shows. We’ve started to put names and faces to these iconic dance moves that we’ve been doing for years and can finally give credit where credit is due. Check out our list of 10 Dance Videos On YouTube You Have to Watch Right Now.

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