Gran Turismo 6 dropped this month, and we’re offically revved up to get back behind the wheel of our favorite fantasy game. That’s right—PlayStation’s signature racing series doesn’t have dragons and swords, but it’s a fantasy game nevertheless.

It just explores a different fantasy: the fantasy of owning and driving the rarest, fastest and most expensive cars in existence. 

Most of us will never get our hands on any of the awesome rides in Gran Turismo, but then again most of us aren’t Justin Bieber or Jerry Seinfeld. You have to be a pretty big deal to have the scratch and connections to buy some of these automobiles, and GT’s realistic virtual courses are the only place for most people to do so.

So if Gran Turismo lets players live their ultimate car fantasies, why not do it in celebrities’ real-life cars? Some, like Jay Leno’s “Tank Car” and his 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado, are already featured in the series. GT6 has 1,200 cars to start with, but here are 10 more we'd like to see. DLC anyone?