The Man of Steel sequel/Batman vs Superman film has been ruling the rumor mill of late, this week especially, but today during a Man of Steel fan event maestro Zack Snyder finally confirmed something, albeit the most obvious rumor: Lex Luthor will indeed appear.

The bald archvillain was glaringly absent from the franchise reboot—save this easter egg—but many assumed he would make his grand entrance in the follow-up, with unconfirmed reports of Bryan Cranston being in talks for the role circulating. While teasing the new movie, Snyder casually mentioned that "Lex loves calling him alien," ostensibly acknowledging Luthor's involvement. Snyder's only other tease was that the movie will focus on how "taking care of Zod" has affected Supes (spoiler alert: he killed him). It's not much, but with a 2015 release date, tidbits are all that can be expected for now.

[via ComingSoon]

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