It would appear that until further notice the honeymoon is over for Yakuza fans outside of Japan, but that doesn’t mean you can’t drool, cry and wish over what could be. Case in point: these new screens for the upcoming (Japan-only) PS4 launch title Yakuza Ishin, which details some of the game’s more technical combat systems, as well as smithing various period weapons and armors.

Apparently the game also features a new “war record” system for doling out experience, judging your performance and awarding you appropriately based on how well you follow any given characters’ fighting style and other factors. Also, Yakuza looked pretty damn great on last-gen hardware, so Ishin’s visuals are really something.

Since the PS4 is region-free, feel free to import this one, although the sheer amount of Japanese text will probably keep most fans away. Then again, you can always beg Sony’s third party production team to see if they can work out some sort of deal for Western localization.

Via Gematsu