According to multiple Reddit users Microsoft is issuing temporary bans on users of its Upload Studio app on Xbox One consoles who have used profanity.

Multiple users report that after uploading gameplay clips with Upload Studio that contain colorful language they’ve received a message telling them to “choose something else to play” because of “past behavior” as they’ve been locked-out of their Xbox Live Gold accounts.

"I made a video and said a bad word (not really a swear in my opinion, but I do understand their displeasure — the nickname of the name Richard) and now I am not able to put Kinect videos on my uploads or upload gameplay at all," said Reddit user MacedonianWolf.

MacedonianWolf later stated that he was able to contact Microsoft support and that these bans would be lifted in 24 hours and that his account was still in “good standing.” Sony is also dealing the fallout of people wanting to strip naked in its Playroom app for the PlayStation 4 as Twitch is rolling out bans on “non-game related content.”

Unsubstantiated reports also include users claiming to be banned for profanity in private Skype calls but this seems unlikely, stay tuned and try not to jump to any conclusions - details are on the way.

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