Way back in February Jimmy Fallon got some hands-on time with the PlayStation 4 and proceeded to blaze a bloody trail in Killzone: Shadow Fall. Last night Xbox One got to show its legs and instead of opting for any of the bloody launch titles like Ryse: Son of Rome, it went with family friendly options and showing off the Kinect Sensor.

Fallon does his best hype man impression but clearly the Kinect’s abilities and detail are still pretty hard to grasp. We would have loved to see Fallon playing some Dead Rising 3, hacking up some zombie-hookers with a sledgehammer-chainsaw but we got some Xbox One pretty graphics nonetheless.

The Xbox One launches at midnight tonight, if you haven’t preordered yet, sign up for notifications at your favorite retailer for when the non-early adopters might get their hands on one.

REALTED: Jimmy Fallon Gets Hands on With PlayStation 4 and "Killzone: Shadow Fall" (Video)

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