It may be no surprise that the "always on" Xbox One needs a hefty day one update, but Microsoft now says that none of the features will work without is a bit bizarre. Better hope your Internet service doesn't go out on launch day.

Speaking to Engadget, Microsoft’s senor director of product management, Albert Penello, said that Xbox One users "will be able to do very little without taking the day one update." When further pressed Penello admitted that the next-generation console is basically unusable until the update.

Day one updates have been announced for Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 that will unlock features but that fact that users can’t use the Xbox One without an Internet connection is new information. This is mainly because Microsoft has been producing the Xbox One for quite a while but the systems and software are still being tweaked ahead of the November 22 launch.

So if you had any doubt about bringing your Xbox One to your secluded cabin the woods off the grid, maybe cancel those plans. For everyone else out there, just know that you’ll have to wait for the Xbox One to update before playing any games.

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[Via CNet]