Egosoft’s reboot of its space exploration series X: Rebirth drops tomorrow. Rebirth has been in development for over seven years and hopes to streamline space conquest on a massive scale.

With all the talk about Star Citizen making space simulations lovers collectively salivate at the prospect of dominating vast areas of the void, Rebirth offers just that. The game takes place in a massive living universe on a “huge scale.”

"I do not mean the physical size of the universe which is easy to increase," said Bernd Lehahn, head of the developer Egosoft. "I am talking about a living, breathing futuristic universe crawling with life. Call them details, but at the end of the day they matter, and make the universe real."

Previous entries into the X space series were notoriously hard to learn with menus that turned into near impossible mini-games. This time around Egosoft has streamlined the process and made the Rebirth more accessible, stripping away many of the extreme micromanagement features.

X: Rebirth drops tomorrow for PC on Steam.

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