Year Of Release: 2013
Platform: PS3, Xbox 360

Star Trek, inexplicably a shooter with Uncharted-lite exploration and co-op elements, was built from the ground up, looked promising at first, with an interesting team dynamic between Kirk and Spock, asymmetrical co-op gameplay where each player is seeing things with a different perspective and unique abilities befitting each character. It was a weird thing to do with the license, but there was potential. Then somewhere along the way things went south really quickly, though you won't be able to tell at first. Then, a few levels in, your AI partner will stop – if he ever really started – being able to hit enemies with any degree of accuracy. Then he'll stop shooting at enemies at all. Or the enemies (an asinine Gorn that resembles the "smart" super dinosaurs of Dino Crisis 3) will stop noticing when Kirk or Spock runs directly in front of them during a stealth sequence. Or your dim-witted buddy will, no exaggeration, get too lost to find you if you decide to sprint ahead more than 10 meters (and/or exit a room). It's like someone pulled at a loose thread at the beginning of the game and the resultant unraveling catastrophe becomes more overtly obvious until, after getting thoroughly lost among the same-y looking bulkheads of one forgettable location or another, you accidentally backtrack, retriggering a scripted scene initially showing you some enemies you killed what felt like hours ago. Yes, you can actually do that.