Will Forte got a taste of the midwest while filming Alexander Payne's awards-worthy black-and-white dramedy Nebraska, and it tasted like bull testicles. During a press day for the film, in which the Saturday Night Live alumnus plays a son driving his senile father (Bruce Dern) from Montana to Nebraska so he can claim bogus prize money, Forte told Complex about the distinct midwestern experiences he had filming on location. One of these was munching on some "mashed up and fried bull testicles.”

I ate some Rocky Mountain oysters. I don’t think it gets more midwest than that. I will not do it again, but I figured I had to do it once. I had one bite of one bull testicle. The taste was...not for me, but I don’t know if my mind made it taste worse than it actually was because I knew what it was. People say you can fry anything and it’ll taste great. This puts that to the test. The people of Nebraska were so nice, but they were not nice enough to talk me out of eating some Rocky Mountain oysters. That is the one gripe that I’ll hold against them. I’m joking. I’m happy to have had the experience, and it was not that gross.

It takes balls to be a performer, and Forte, who is marvelous as the straight man in a departure from his typically zany roles, clearly has some to spare. Nebraska opens in theaters nationwide on November 15.