And now, for the most Wes Anderson-y thing you'll see all day: A new short film that Wes Anderson directed for Prada, Castello Cavalcanti. It's set to debut on the big screen at the Rome Film Festival this weekend, but in case you just can't wait—or aren't in Rome—you can check it out right here online.

Clocking in at about eight minutes, the short stars Jason Schwartzman (who has been in five of Anderson's films) as a Formula 1 race car driver named Jed Cavalcanti, and follows him during the Molte Miglia rally in September 1955. The short is intended to be a "throwback" to old Italian cinema and, as The Hollywood Reporter puts it, it's basically what Rush would have been like if Anderson directed it. 

This isn't the first short film that Anderson had directed for Prada—back in April, Anderson directed Prada Candy, which starred Léa Seydoux.

You can check out Castello Cavalcanti above. Anderson's next feature film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, will be released on March 7, 2014.

[via Indiewire]