The Doctor sure likes the ladies, especially redheads. While the Doctor's companions do get into trouble and require some saving, they'd definitely kick the shit out of you if you called them damsels in distress.

Smart, spunky, strong, and stubborn as hell, each companion complements the Doctor's eccentricities with a touch of humanity, adding a poignancy to his alienating logic. The Doctor's companions come and go throughout the series. Sometimes they return home, sometimes it's just time for them to live their own lives, and sometimes they die, like the Doctor's most recent companion, Clara Oswald (not pictured, but RIP).

After diving into the Doctor's timestream, "The Imposible Girl" became millions of fragmented of versions of herself dispersed throughout time and space that kept dying in order to stop the Intelligence (just remember that word). After diving in after her, the Doctor and Clara reunited and the upcoming special episode will continue where they left off.