A UCLA student posted a video last week airing the school out for the diversity—or lack thereof, rather—on campus. Sy Stokes, an African-American Studies major, can be seen reciting facts (via spoken word) highlighting the isolation many black students feels at UCLA.

The video is filled with information, like how retention rates for African-American male students at the school are falling, and that their 74 percent graduation rate is the lowest among high-ranking universities and colleges. 

The most eye-openin fact that Stokes mentioned is that UCLA has more national championships than black male freshmen at the moment109 to 48. 

Stokes, who also started a petition to diversify the campus, explained to the Daily Bruin that black students feel like outcasts. "[That feeling] makes [black people] stick to their comfort zones because they want to feel safephysically and emotionally," he said.

[via LAist and the Daily Bruin]