This morning, Rep. Trey Radel (R-Fla.) pleaded guilty to cocaine possession after being arrested for buying cocaine in D.C.'s Dupont Circle section last month. Radel, 37, will be sentenced to one year of supervised probation.

According to Politico, court documents show that federal agents learned Radel purchased coke "on several occasions" for his own use, and, because he's generous, to share with others. He was caught during an Oct. 29 sting operation while attempting to buy the drugs from an acquaintance and an undercover agent at a restaurant.

Radel, who annointed himself a "Hip Hop Conservative" in a July essay for Buzzfeed, reportedly entered a car with the undercover agent and attempted to buy 3.5 grams of cocaine for $250. After giving the agent $260 and exiting the car, he was approached by uniformed officers and dropped the cocaine. Upon returning to Radel's apartment, more cocaine was discovered. 

“I’ve hit a bottom where I realize I need help,” Radel said inside of the courthourse. He will enter in-patient treatment in Florida and his attorney, David Schertler, told the court his client was already seeking drug treatment in D.C. 

Yesterday, the rookie congressman released a statement explaining that he struggles "with the disease of alcoholism," which resulted in his "extremely irresponsible choice." In an ironic twist, Radel just voted to in favor of a bill to withhold food stamps from applicants who declined to submit to drug tests.

Chuck D would be so disappointed.

[via Politico]