The Toronto City Council voted to relieve Mayor Rob Ford of his ability to govern in the event of an emergency, as well as his ability to appoint and dismiss senior staff members. 

Following last week's admission that he had smoked crack during a "drunken stupor" about a year ago, Ford insisted that he would not step down from his position. On Wednesday, he admitted to purchasing illegal drugs within the past two years. His downward spiral continued yesterday as he denied "eating pussy" during a live, televised press conference when probed about an alleged inappropriate relationship with former staffer Olivia Gondek.

Ford justified his denial by saying he had "more than enough to eat at home," easily earning the quote of the week. After reality sunk in, Fordflanked by his disgusted wifeapologized for his comments, explaining that he had been under "tremendous, tremendous stress" recently. 

City Council is expected to consider a motion that, if approved, would strip Ford of the bulk of his duties. If Ford is forced out, the world will lose a hero. On the other hand, he'll be free to eat as much pussy as likes.

[via CNN]

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