Nobody really cared that Suzette Hall ran a topless hairstyling business in Colorado, but the fact that she was practicing without a license was a huge problem. The 46-year-old Loveland native, who reportedly advertised $46 topless haircuts on Craigslist, was arrested on Wednesday after her former partner called police. According to the Huffington Post, her ex-partner (one of the few people who apparently cared) did not believe topless styling was "safe or proper." She also alleged that Hall accepted sex in exchange for payment.

Police were not able to find any Craigslist ads, but her ex-husband told authorities that she had applied for a "nude license for hairstylists," which is odd, because the Longmont Times-Call says no such license exists. Sorry guys, no more free topless haircuts.

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[via The Huffington Post and Longmont Times-Call]