This one is really tough to see during the movie unless you're really pay attention to it, but, hey, this is what we get paid for. While Dr. Erik Selvig rants in an insane asylum about the complexities of the universe, he is seen standing in front a chalkboard covered in some equally crazy writing. On the board are words like “616 Universe,” “The Fault,” and “The Crossroads.” This might not mean anything to the layman, but for us hardcore fans, it's pure nerdy bliss.

In the comics, the 616 Universe is the numerical designation for the mainstream Marvel Universe. There are other universes all with their own numbering—like the Ultimate Universe, the Earth X Universe, and the Age of Apocalypse Universe—but 616 is the one the majority of fans know.

”The Fault” appeared in War of Kings #6 and it is a massive tear in the universe that leads to a number of alternate realities. The tear was caused by a Terrigan-Bomb and was created by Black Bold of the Inhumans. With the Marvel comics putting the spotlight on the Inhumans recently, along with rumors that an Inhumans movie is imminent, “The Fault” might hold some real significance in the future. 

The most interesting item on the board is the inclusion of the term “Crossroads.” In the comics, the Crossroads is a bizarre, twisted reality that Doctor Strange sends the Hulk to to protect Earth during one of his rampages. With a Doctor Strange movie in development, we can’t help but wonder if the Crossroads will play a role in the story and if Mark Ruffalo will make his gamma-powered presence felt at all.