Members of the NYPD broke up a party in Staten Island's West Brighton section Saturday night after reports of marijuana and teenage angst filling the air. "This is the projects. Everybody smokes weed! De Blasio's gonna legalize it," Alexis Daniels, 16, reportedly told officers, adding that they were only going to "smoke more weed after [the police left]." Oh, the beauty of youthful defiance.

Daniels' statement is not exactly accurate, however. While new mayor-elect Bill de Blasio is all for decriminalizing the possession of less than 15 grams of marijuana, he's not in favor of total legalization. 

However, when the Staten Island Advance spoke to Daniels about the incident, she said those were not her words at all. "That's how they feel about the mayor. That's why they're saying I said that," she said. "Tell the mayor that the 120 Precinct is lying, saying that I said something that I did not say at all."

Everyone wants to be in Bill de Blasio's good graces these days.

[via Gothamist and Staten Island Advance]