If you're the sentimental type, you might have been holding on to your first generation iPad for the sake of old memories. But, the day has come to say good-bye. Or you'll probably regret it.

Target has announced that they are buying any iPad for at least a $200 gift card, as long as they turn on and the screens aren't scratched. With the new and lighter iPad Air out, those extra $200 can be your ticket to finally upgrading to one. (The entry level price for an iPad Air is $500.) Those first gen iPads can only go up to iOS 5.1, so those of you still with one are essentially trapped in a time warp. The Target deal is going on until November 9, so don't don't waste too much time polishing it up to make it look nice. Even if you've been hanging on to an iPad 2 for a while, it might be worth checking out how much you can possibly get. Hey, even if the iPad Air isn't your thing, you can get an iPad Mini for $99 (which is personally my favorite.) 

Or you can go ahead and pick up some groceries since you can use that gift card on anything.

[via Target]