Deadly Premonition director Swery65 has revealed that fans shouldn’t (currently) expect to play the insane looking D4 on consoles other than Xbox One, Gaming Bolt reports. The Kinect-based adventure game – which chronicles a time-traveling detective out to solve the mystery of his wife’s murder (despite knowing full well he can’t actually change the past) – is what Swery calls “the first of its kind,” and is focused on “emotional involvement” with the player.

That’s all well and good, but even though the game can be played entirely with the Kinect – and as far as Swery is concerned, it should be – you’ll also have the option to play using just a controller, which either seems to indicate that the controller option is perhaps included as an afterthought, or there could be the possibility of a D4 port at some distant time in the future (maybe in the form of a director’s cut, though that’s complete speculation at this point).

 1: Please don’t expect to be able to play D4 on any platform besides the Xbox One. 2: Please understand that ‘D4 is not a sequel to Deadly Premonition’. 3: This is not what you think about with Kinect,” Swery says. (Interestingly, during the interview he also said when development on D4 began a few years ago he was also working on Deadly Premonition’s director’s cut as well as an unannounced sequel to his Twin Peaks homage, though it was mentioned in such passing that you should probably take it with a grain of salt.)

Read the whole interview via the link below.

Via Gaming Bolt