Life was totally better in the 90s. No, I’m not talking about the Full House and Space Jam 90s. I'm talking about the coal-mining and dysentary 90s. Despite how many BuzzFeed lists have been written about how life was better in the 1990s, life was basically the same then as it is now. Sure, our computers are faster and our twenty-somethings are more soulsearchy, but basically, it’s same shit different decade. No; I am talking about the 1890s.

Life would be so much sweeter if we had just stopped the clock in the 1890s and frozen technology in its tracks. Sure, we wouldn’t have the Internet, or computers at all, and a lot of places wouldn’t even have electricity, but the technological advances they did have back then were delivered with panache. Step into our plane that only travels 160 feet and fly with us back to the golden age of technology. Welcome to Super Throwback Thursday: 20 Ways Tech in the 1890s Was Much Better Than it is Today.