A Black Friday fight escalated to the point that someone whipped out stun gun at a Philadelphia mall. 

The incident occured at the Franklin Mills Mall in Northeast Philadelphia and witness Mike Napolitano told NBC Philadelphia that two couples got into a spat that rapidly got out of hand. "It started out, one couple was fighting with another couple. They had words, the guys got into a fight and then the girls," he explained.

In the video, the women can be seen punching each other until the flourescent-colored lights and sound of the stun gun can be heard.

According to mall security, the fight erupted around 2:30 a.m. and mall general manager John Ahle provided extra details in a statement to NBC Philadelphia.

"An isolated incident occurred in the early morning hours between two female shoppers, that was quickly stopped by our security team, and both women were escorted out of the mall," Ahle said. 

Franklin Mills mall opened at midnight yesterday with the intention of remaining open for 18 hours. That's more time to spend money and more time to fight, obviously.

[via NBC Philadelphia]

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