"I don’t think he tried at all."

This is how Natasha Gadinsky assessed the sexual performance of a guy she hooked up with back in college. Apparently, some members of Brown University's male student body aren't in tune with—or flat out don't give a shit about—women's bodies. While that man slept, Gadinsky was already trying her hardest to erase him from her memory.

Gadinsky, 23, was part of the New York Times' totally groundbreaking probe into the sudden phenomenon of women not having orgasms through hookups. The Times also revisited another shocking fact: women like to have sex without feelings occasionally, just as men do. Look at equality in action. 

Justin R. Garcia, evolutionary biologist at Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, led a survey of 600 college students which found that women are two times as likely to reach orgasm through both oral sex and traditional intercourse when they're in relationships. Caring about your girlfriend's orgasm is up pretty high on the boyfriend job description. 

Another study learned that 74 percent of female respondents last had an orgasm the last time they were in a serious relationship. Riveting information.

So if experience hasn't taught women that the random dude you choose to bang might not care about your needs, know that science says so. Can't dispute science, especially when it's obvious.

[via New York Times]