Back in the early 80s it would have been impossible to discern just how big the video game industry would become.

When home consoles were in their infancy they where, at best, viewed as a passing novelty—much in the same way yo-yos and whoopie cushions must haven intitially been recieved. Who could have possibly had the prescience to foresee a multi-billion dollar a year industry being built on the ground floor of Atari and Caleco? That still didn't stop enterprising marketing departments from creating some of the most brutal video game commercials of the era.

What better way to move units than by throwing in an actor awkwardly rapping over every Sega, Nintendo, or Atari ad? We can't fault some of these performers though, a single verse and national exposure could possibly be their express ticket to MC Hammer-like stardom. We need no reminders for how that turned out for all involved.

Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em was more prophetic than we could have ever imagined. Thanks to the race to squeeze millions of dollars out of a shamless eight bar promotional plug, here are Struggle Rappers and Tragic Video Game Commercials From Back in the Day.

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