The first commercial Steam Machine prototype has been revealed by iBuyPower. It’s white, runs Steam games at 1080p and displays a variety of pretty light bar colors.

Valve has been teasing the Steam Machines since back in September when it revealed that it will release a Steam - Valve’s wildly successful online game service - operating system dubbed SteamOS for free and encourage companies to build micro-PCs to play Steam games. While Valve has been teasing on Twitter with a few shots of different sized boxes this is the first time anyone has got a good look at one.

iBuyPower is a PC builder known for its high-performance gaming machines so you can bet that the version of Steam Machine will be a high-end model. This prototype model is rumored to cost around $500 but its performance is still a mystery. If it’s as fast as even the lightest of iBuyPower’s rigs though that’ll mean it’s just about as fast as an Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Steam announced the Steam Machine rollout in September stating that unlike the current console market it would make many different types of customizable micro-PC consoles to customers. Each machine will have a different level of performance and price while still being completely upgradeable by the user. SteamOS is Valve’s open Linux operating system that will let users completely reconfigure the system as well as stream games from more powerful PCs to laptops and other devices. Check out the complete announcement details here.

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[Via Engadget]