After months of endless casting rumors that included Zac Efron and Ryan Gosling, two of the prime roles in the impending Star Wars: Episode VII just might go to unknowns. Producers are currently holding casting sessions in London and Dublin, for major male and female characters.

The roles are described, vaguely and with blatantly fake names, as: Rachel, 17-18, beautiful, smart, athletic and Thomas, 19-23, also smart, athletic and handsome. Sounds nice and generic, right? But in all seriousness could these two be the key characters in the new trilogy? The next generation of Skywalkers or Solos, or a Skywalker-Solo cousin duo, perhaps? Casting agent Kate Bone said of the search: "We are doing this to find someone who might not have necessarily gone to drama school. They don't have to have acting experience—just the right look and then we can see if there's any talent there." They've still got some time—as reported earlier, Episode VII doesn't hit theaters until Christmas 2015.

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[via DigitalSpy]