South Park, that wonderfully bizarre cultural barometer from the twisted eyes of children, took on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4’s latest skirmish in the great console wars last night. The episode, Black Friday, asked the question: who are PS4 people, and who are Xbox people?

Cartman, Stan, Kyle and the gang get together to rush the store on black Friday only to realize that they’re not all on the same page. Full of the kind of corporate hyperbole that Sony and Microsoft have been spinning off for months it’s easy to forget our childhood console lust when we actually thought buying the next shiny plastic box was going to change our lives.

Before you think South Park isn’t above plugging itself (was there any doubt) the whole gang is decked out in their Stick of Truth gear for the upcoming South Park game for current and next-gen systems set for release on December 10.

Of course some gamers who’ve been waiting a long time for the next-gen consoles and who have already put down a hefty amount of cash to be the earlier adopters can’t take a joke. Check out the YouTube thread, it’s deadly serious. But then again “that’s just how Xbox people are.”

The PlayStation 4 drops tomorrow, November 15, with the Xbox One following next week on November 22. If you’ve got the cash, buy both and be the happiest gamer in the world.

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