It's that special time of the year where most Americans gather together on a Thursday with people they love, or at the very least, mildly enjoy, in order to partake in the following: Overeating, way too much drinking, football, dancing, and probably fighting. It's supposed to be a joyous day, but because there's always a sect of humanity that refuses to let go and let people get lit and stuffed in peace, you can anticipate plenty of folks playing the role of spoiler on social media. Here's a run down of some of the worst offenses to expect on Thursday. With that in mind, I hope each of you who read the list and behave accordingly have a Happy Thanksgiving! The rest of y'all can go to Hell. Just kidding! Okay, I'm not, but really try not to be annoying on Turkey Day please.

Michael Arceneaux is a writer, but some days when he looks at his student loan debt, wishes he worked at The Players Club. For more of his work, check out The Cynical Ones.