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Remember the feelings that flooded your tiny pre-pubescent brain when you discovered a new Sonic title was forthcoming?

Back in the day, the idea of seeing another installment in the franchise was enough to start writing out your Christmas wishlist in early June and hoping for the best. It probably looked something like this:

The idea of buying a new Sonic the Hedgehog in any contemporary incarnation is now met with equal parts nostalgia fueled pity and open disdain. Take for example the recent Nintendo Wii U release of Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. A flop of the first order that's plagued by generic controls, a boring concept, and the fatigue of seeing the immediately recognizable mascots of two gaming companies trotted out for another flaccid go around. Why is Sega, when they sit, either directly or indirectly, on licenses that go back the better part of 30 years adamant about making Sonic the face of their waning relevancy?

Mining the titles of the Dreamcast, Saturn, Genesis, and arcade cabinets Sega would be given an arsenal to at least make it seem like they were aware that other titles exist aside from reanimating Sonic for another entry in the series. Games like Road Rash have been given a second lease on life thanks to vocal supporters of the series. Road Redemption was a Kickstarter success and is meant to be the spiritual successor to the Road Rash series.

Other Sega properties have been met with less success on Kickstarter. Both Ecco the Dolphin and Mutant Football League failed to meet their funding goals and will probably never see new life on a console, but that doesn't make support for classic Sega titles any less impactful. Here are 10 Sega Games Desperate for a Modern Reboot.

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