It’s not like Olivia Pope hasn’t let Fitz get away with murder before. Sure, she was displeased with him after she discovered he killed her friend and mentor, Supreme Court Justice Verna, but whatever, that lady was old anyway. She can always see Verna at the crossroads, but in the meantime, why stop the boo-loving? But even Our Lady of the Lip Quiver has her limits.

Say, when it comes to the idea that her on-again, off-again married boyfriend took her mama out the game when she was just 12-years-old.

I presume when Huck and Jake informed Olivia of that tidbit of information, Whitney Houston’s “hell to the nawl!” lopped inside her head.

I mean, who could blame her? Not only did you never put a ring on it, Fitz, but you possibly killed her mama? Wait, let’s stop for a minute and really reflect on that. Fitz has been accused of murdering the mother of his mistress.

With every new episode of Scandal not only do you get a better understanding of why Olivia Pope owns such big-ass wine glasses, you start to wonder why she doesn’t just carry a Camelback of red in her purse.

Well aware of the reality that Rowan Pope would probably take her, Huck, and Jake out for daring to ask him if he had Fitz murder her mom, Olivia goes directly to the source to inquire. Fitz doesn't answer in either half hour of the show, opting instead to go with the response: “Why you bringing up old shit?”

Worse, Fitz feigns ignorance even after Olivia essentially declares, “For your information, my mother was on the plane that was clearly shot down by you and yours as a part of Operation Remington!”

Daddy Pope echoes the same “leave the past in the past” mantra as Fitz, though to his credit, he allows Olivia to ask a single question about the matter with the promise that he won’t kill Huck and Jake. Well, at least not for this anyway. I still wouldn’t be surprised if on a future episode of Scandal, Rowan blinks one eye and twitches his nose and Jake’s limbs end up on opposite sides of the street. Still, it's as nice a gesture as one can expect from a sociopath.

I would like to think this means Olivia will never, ever have sex with Fitz again, but I’d sooner expect Pebbles to give TLC all that money she allegedly took from them before I see Shonda Rhimes force Olivia to truly move on from a man who is obviously no good for her.

One relationship that has seemingly ended, though, is the odd friendship between Fitz and Jake. After Olivia asks for more evidence into Fitz’s role in Remington and her mom’s death, Jake agrees to get it to her. He seeks the aid of a friend working in intelligence who ultimately doesn’t give him anything and plans on killing him. That is, until the person who Fitz tapped to trail and protect Jake shoots her first. She wanted some from Jake and didn’t get any. I assume at least part of the bullet she intended to insert into Jake was rooted in that rejection.

After that save, Fitz tells Jake he’s on his own.

As for the people not suspected of mother, Harrison finally got a bit of a subplot going. Cyrus tries to blackmail Harrison into coercing Olivia to drop Democratic presidential hopeful Josie Marcus as a client by threatening to allow a man named Adnan Salif back into the United States. Harrison turns to Huck, who deletes Salif’s visa application, but since Josie hasn’t been dropped, Cy is getting Salif that visa.

Speaking of Josie Marcus, all I could think for most of her scenes was, “Hillary would never.” It was nice to see her get angry and rail against the sexism that plagues female political candidates, but it took a fake campaign ad (a nice twist on the infamous 3:00 a.m. ad aimed at then Senator Obama in the 2008 Democratic primary) conceived by Olivia Pope and Associates to light a fire under her ass. Before that, she was whining about Olivia trying to change her. I don’t get people like her. You ask someone for help, but then resist the advice. Again, Hillary would never.

Meanwhile, Cyrus quickly figures out about VP Sally’s attempt to run against Fitz in the GOP primary. I imagine Cyrus will unleash another angry, sacrilegious rant on Smart Sarah Palin very, very soon.

And then there’s Quinn, who from the looks of it, may be a new recruit for B-613. I mention her last because she’s my least favorite character. To quote one Twitter user, when it comes to many of us Gladiators live tweeting the show, "Shut Up Quinn" = the new "Shut Up Meg." Amen.

Written by Michael Arceneaux (@youngsinick)