Everything Toronto Mayor Rob Ford does or says turns into 24-karat viral excellence. When he isn't admitting to smoking crack or denying eating pussy (except for his wife's, of course), he's barreling over City Councillors like an offensive lineman creating space for his running back on a sweep.

Today, video of Ford knocking City Councillor Pam McConnell over during a meeting regarding the potential removal of more of his mayoral powers hit the Internet. While many—including television commentatorsassumed he was truck-sticking McConnell, Ford said he was simply trying to defend his brother. 

According to Business Insider, Ford was sprinting with the grace of a tipsy bison because he saw his brother, Councillor Doug Ford, involved in some sort of squabble. He later apologized to McConnell, saying the collision was a "complete accident." He is his brother's keeper.

Ford can't get out of his own way right now, but everyone else should, lest they end up like Councillor McConnell.

[via Gawker and Business Insider]