It seems like record stores are struggling to avoid going the way of the dinosaur, but Bushwick's Vinyl Fantasy—just three weeks oldplans on thriving. Owner Joe Cozza, 27, says the affordable location and the fact that people still love record stores are the recipe for success.

"Our rent isn't crazy high...and record stores aren't going anywhere,' he told DNAinfo. "Digital is fine but, at the end of the day, people want to have something tangible." 

DNAinfo notes that Vinyl Fantasy, along with Human Head, is one of many record stores to open in North Brooklyn during the fall months because the location is so fitting for the venture. "Every new up-and-coming musician that wants to make it moves to Brooklyn. There's literally opportunity around every corner," Human Head co-owner Travis Klein explained.

It's comforting to know people haven't quit on tradition, especially after Blockbuster was dealt a finishing blow last week.

[via DNAinfo]

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