Air date: 9/22/2013

The Internet felt waves of relief when Dexter finished its labored march from critical darling to premium cable pariah after eight long seasons. Bloggers celebrated the show's finale by taking a couple more gut punches at a series that hasn't won much cricial praise since the Bush administration. Every possible negative angle has been taken, every criticism leveled at this laughable ending to a problematic series.

The only question that remains is where will Dexter's finale rank among the all time worst? Right now, it appears that Dexter's eleventh hour turn as a lumberjack is a first ballot worst finale hall of famer. Sure, airing opposite Breaking Bad's coda didn't do the episode any favors, but it seems a sure bet that Dexter will be remembered for having one of the worst finales of all time.

R.I.P. Brawny Man Dex.