Viewers demand so much of television series finales. A great finale has to be exciting. A great finale has to tie up all of the plot's loose ends. A great finale has to give us emotional closure. When a show nails it, fans glow with reverence for years to come. When a show fails to stick the landing, no one cares very much about the degree of difficulty. The audience is so deeply disappointed, that no excuses, from rumors of network tampering to a revolving door of writers, can hold back the tide of Twitter rage.

More often than not, the viewing world is disappointed by television finales. Rarely are these disappointments spectacuarly bad. Ill-timed explosions and unforeseen hookups aren't the stuff bad finales are made of. More often than not, the last episode tries to do too much and ends up doing nothing much at all. It's rare that a finale leaves you shaking your fist in rage. As evidenced by these recent underwhelming TV series finales, it's more often the case that you stare at the screening and ask yourself, "Is that it?"

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