Ray Kelly realizes that he didn't make a lot of friends during his time as NYPD Commissioner, so he wants a six-man security detail that would cost $720,000 per year to protect he and his family once he leaves the job. Worse, he wants taxpayers to pay for it, which will certainly create even more enemies. 

According to the Daily Intelligencer, an anonymous ex-commissioner scoffed at Kelly's request. "Any ex-commissioner who can afford his own security or can have someone else pay for it should not foster the cost on the public" the mystery commissioner said.

Even soon-to-be-former-Mayor Bloomberg comes out of pocket for his own detail. He plans to take 17 of them with him when he leaves office, allowing them to retire immediately, secure their pensions and rack up $150,000 each year from Bloomberg himself. Definitely a nice gesture, if not a loaded one

If Ray Kelly gets what he wants, he'll leave an even nastier taste in the mouths of New Yorkers. Good job, Ray.

[via The Daily Intelligencer]