Enjoying that new PlayStation 4?

Taking advantage of that crisp 1080p resolution while getting in another session of Knack? And, of course, you've probably already begun livestreaming to Twitch and created a channel for yourself to upload game footage.

What about getting your wife drunk, waiting till she passes out, and broadcasting you stripping her out of her clothes while she tries not to choke on her own vomit like an Arizona State freshman? 

No. Just this guy then? Great. Meet PS4 user Darckobra. This super classy, life coach candidate thought the best use of both the PS4's peripheral camera and his wife's Pinot Grigio sponsored coma would be to lift up her shirt and show the internet what her exposed breast looked like.

For about 15 uninterrupted minutes.

Other than sounding like a PSA about the dangers of Pinot Grigio abuse, this incident has now forced Twitch to reevaluate the community guidelines regarding livestreams. Now Darckobra has been banned from Twitch (because good god, what the fuck is wrong with you), but not before forcing both Sony and Twitch to take a hard look at their livestream policies.

No official changes have been made, except for this guy's guaranteed divorce proceedings, but if people continue to abuse Pinot Grigio and Twitch's broadcast service, you can expect some serious changes to the self-stream program.

Prince Charming here continued the broadcast after the evening's initial performance. After the first 15 minutes, the stream briefly went dark and then returned suddenly with a fully nude soon to be ex-wife still passed out on what looks like the saddest rec room couch ever. 

Way to make the PlayStation 4 an unwitting accomplice in your off Broadway/basement performance of Silence of the Lambs.

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(Via New York Post)