Veterans Day is a time when we honor those who serve and have served in our Armed Forces. But while honoring them is both respectable and necessary, actually helping those who have offered up the highest price for our protection is an even greater way to salute them. Here are five easy and attainable ways you can do so, starting now.

Help Send Letters and Care Packages – Remember how exciting it was getting care packages while you were at college or sleepaway camp? Well, imagine you’re deployed overseas. There are a vast number of organizations that help perform this task, helping bring soldiers abroad a little taste of home.

Make a Financial Donation – Let’s face it: the reality is that money helps in ways that few other things can. There is a plethora of worthwhile non-profits that help veterans, including the Wounded Warriors Fund, Veterans of Foreign Wars, The American Legion, and many more.

Foster a Pet – Ever wonder what happens to the pets of service members when they go overseas? Well, a lot of times, they’re left wondering the same thing. If you’re an animal friendly person, visit to see how you can help care for the animal(s) of a deployed service member.

Volunteer at the VA – If you don’t have money to give—and, let’s face it, a lot of us don’t—consider donating another very valuable asset: your time. There are a number of ways you can help our veterans through the VA. Find out how by visiting here.

Hire a Veteran – Thankfully, the unemployment rate in veterans is falling—but not nearly fast enough. If you are an employer, or are close to someone who is, consider hiring veterans for any and all open positions. If only all employees had that level of training, discipline, and dedication.