How much would you pay for a desktop? Whatever the answer may be, desktops are not fairing too well against their tablet and laptop rivals, as desktops shipments have been declining for years. But don't tell that to the person who just paid close to $1 million for an Apple Mac Pro "designed" by Jony Ive. 

During an auction at Sotheby's in New York this weekend, the Red Mac Pro was sold at a $977,000 bid. The money will all be donated to U2 singer Bono's charity, Project (RED), which hopes to eliminate HIV and AIDS in Africa. The Mac Pro was expected to go between $40,000 too $60,000, so the $977,000 went above and beyond, to say the least. The Mac Pro, which is one of the most powerful computers Apple has ever released, will go for a starting price of $3,000 and will be released in December to the public. It comes in a glossy black color by default, but Ive's special edition Mac Pro comes in a shiny red. There was also a pair of gold Apple earbuds that sold for $461,000, which had expected to go for a mere $25,000. A Leica camera, specially designed by Ive and Marc Newson, was sold for $1.8 million, after Ive and Newson allegedly went through 561 models and around 1,000 prototype parts to create their own.

The lesson we can take from all of this? Anything Ive touches turns into money. At least he does some good with it.

[via Forbes]