The LAPD has responded to reports of gunfire at Los Angeles International Airport this morning. NBC Los Angeles says that a TSA spokesman has confrimed that a shooting occurred at a security checkpoint. CBS Sacramento is reporting that a gunman with a high-powered rifle was shot by law enforcement. The airport has since been evacuated.

According to NBC Los Angeles, the shooting took place at Virgin America Terminal 3. Witness Nick Pugh told NBC L.A. that he was just standing around when he heard a total of "eight to 10 shots fired." They also report that at least three people—including a TSA agenthave been injured, and that traffic coming into LAX has been closed while the situation is resolved.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the gunman had a high-powered rifle and the suspect is in custody.

NBC News reported that both the TSA agent who had been shot and the gunman had been killed, but officials declined to comment on this during a press conference. LAX Police Chief Patrick Gannon said the shooter is believed to have acted alone. The Los Angeles Fire Department said that seven people were injured in the shooting, and that six are currently being treated for injury. 

The suspect has been identified as 23-year-old Paul Ciancia, a Pennsville, N.J. native who officials say also spent time near Los Angeles. In addition, 39-year-old Geraldo I. Hernandez has been identified as the TSA agent who was fatall shot by Ciancia. CBS News reports that Hernandez is the first officer killed in the line of duity in the TSA's 12 years of operation.

We will update with more information as it becomes available.

[via NBC Los AngelesCBS Sacramento and Los Angeles Times]

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