In a demo of the PlayStation 4’s new interfaces at a pre-release press conference in New York City, Sony explained the trophy system for the next-generation console set to drop later this week.

Not only will players have achievements separated by difficulty denoted by color: bronze, silver, gold, but also the rarity of the Trophy will be calculated. Classifying it as common, rare, very rare or ultra rare. Rarity will be a dynamic quality to be determined across all PlayStation users. This means that a Trophy may be rare because players are the first to grab it or because it’s exceedingly challenging to get but rarity will change over time.

The Trophy system for PS4 matches up with PlayStation 3 and Vita showing a list of Trophies earned on each system. Gamers will fill a progress bar that slowly levels up and assigns a rank to the gamer that has earned it.

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[Via Kotaku]