The PlayStation 4 is going to come with more than just games next week when it launches. Sony announced today that the PS4 have 11 entertainment apps available for download including Netflix, Hulu Plus and Redbox Instant.

Sony says that subscription to its PlayStation Plus service is not required to use these apps however users will still have to maintain separate subscriptions to some services, like Netflix.

These apps are featured alongside Sony’s own Music Unlimited streaming service and Video Unlimited – Sony’s on-demand TV and film streaming service.

"The PS4 is the most powerful gaming system ever created, which enables us, along with our partners, to add amazing entertainment options to the platform that we know PlayStation fans are going to love," SCEA senior vice president of business development Phil Rosenberg said.

The PlayStation 4 drops next Friday, November 15 for $400 ahead of Microsoft’s Xbox One, which launches on November 22.

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[Via Gamespot]