A former hostess at Georges in the Pompidou Centre says she was given specific instructions to seat ugly customers in the back of the open restaurant. However, there were exceptions—ugly people could only sit in the front if they were famous, because life is fair like that.

Furthermore, she claimed that restaurant co-owner Gilbert Costes was proud of the discriminatory system, even going as far as to randomly appear to reinforce its importance.

"He drummed these house rules into us, and he was very proud of them because he came up with them," she told the Local. "There are beautiful people, you put them here. There are not-beautiful people, you put them thereit's really not that complicated." Anyone who failed to adhere to the policy would be subject to the wrath of management.

Employees were reportedly told to pinpoint "intrinsic clues" that might signal attractive people when taking reservations over the phone. Workers would then give information about table availability based on their perceptions. Not only is this stupid, it's damn near impossible.

Image is everything, taste is clearly nothing.

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[via The Local]