More Than Frnds began as a string of '90s-themed parties in D.C., combining a relaxed atmosphere with great music. It's escaped the drawbacks of the formulaic '90s party by reinventing itself each time out, and its latest incarnation will serve as a temporary escape from the anchor that is your job. 

On Saturday, Penn Social (801 E St. NW) will host Out of Office, a weekend retreat from the rigors of the business week. Organizers will basically drop a house party inside of Penn Social's 13,000-square-feet, which will feature flip cup in addition to the skee ball, video games, mini-basketball and the drunken Jenga battles the bar is known for. 

The party starts at 10 p.m. and will feature sets from DJ Spicoli and Tastefaker, the party's engineer. It's also free if you RSVP here. Leave that nine-to-five up on the shelf.

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