Brooklyn resident Quinshon Shingles has filed a lawsuit against the NYPD claiming that officers forced him to rap for his freedom during a 2011 incident. It's the shit that nightmares and God-awful reality television shows (which are really the same thing) are made of.

According to the suit, Shingles, 28, was at a friend's home when a gang of cops asked to search the premises. When Donyale Kitchens, the homeowner, refused to grant them access unless they had a warrant, they backed off, promising to return with the proper paperwork. When Kitchens left, they coaxed her landlord into handing over the keys to her apartment. 

After abruptly entering the apartment, the officers placed Shingles and two other men in handcuffs while performing the search. Once they learned that Shingles was an aspiring rapper, they decided to force him into entertaining them. They allegedly ordered him to "spit a few bars," promising to release him if they were "hot." How sadistic.

Shingles obliged, and the officers were actually impressed enough to remove the handcuffs and let him leave. His last bar should've been "Are you not entertained?!" If they had the nerve to judge him based on his verse being an actual freestyle or pre-written, they're truly evil.

Kitchens later returned to her home to find that not only had police entered without a warrant, but had handcuffed her friends to search the home. According to the suit, the search produced nothing. For the illegal search, false imprisonment and cruelty of making Shingles kick an impromptu rhyme for his freedom, he and Kitchens are seeking an undisclosed sum of money. 

[via New York Post