This was inevitable.

Laziness can be profitable—for non-lazy people. Robert Samuel knows people hate waiting in line, so he's created a business where he waits in line for highly-anticipated items (cronuts, iPhones, etc.) for money. "People want these things like it’s the end of the world," Samuel told the New York Post.

After losing his job at AT&T last year, Samuel created SOLD (Same Old Line Dudes) Inc. after leaving a message of Craigslist saying he would wait in line for an iPhone 5 for $100. After learning that tourists would pay him to wait in line for seven hours to score Saturday Night Live tickets, he realized he was on to something. 

According to the Post, he makes $300 each week lining up for cronuts alone. He arrives outside of Dominique Ansel Bakery at 5 a.m. and is soon joined by his friends, who help him make up for the two-cronut-per-person rule. 

What you're too lazy to do, someone will gladly take your money to do.

[via New York Post]