If the first two trailers haven't been enough to convice you that HBO's upcoming series, True Detective, is going to be fantastic, here's more proof: A third trailer, which not only gives us a great look at what to expect when the show premieres next year, but also features the epic, slightly creepy theme to 28 Days Later as its soundtrack. 

As previously reported, True Detective follows the story of two cops (Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson) in the backroads of Louisiana as they attempt to solve one huge case, and become obsessed with a search for a serial killer that lasts nearly two decades. Judging by the trailer—the most intense one released so far—it looks like the case takes a toll on them both as years pass. 

Though McConaughey and Harrelson star this season, they won't be returning for season two, should the show get renewed—future seasons of the series will each focus on a different storyline, with completely different characters in a new setting.

You can check out the trailer above. True Detective will premiere on HBO in January 12, 2014.

[via Vulture]