Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima initially wanted to release MGSV's upcoming prologue-that's-probably-more-than-just-a-prologue Ground Zeroes for the PS3 or PSP, he told Kotaku this week. Speaking at the PS4 launch event Thursday night in New York City, Kojima said the original intention was to get Ground Zeroes out a lot quicker (which raises the question of whether he decided to split MGSV into two next-gen games before or after teasing "Project Ogre" with the Fox Engine)

"Honestly, I really wanted to release Ground Zeroes right after Peace Walker," Kojima said during the interview. "Whether on PSP or PS3. But then we had development issues, some delays with Metal Gear Rising as well. And then we learned about next generation coming, so it ended up being the way it is now."

Well, there you have it. Expect Ground Zeroes early next year, with Phantom Pain following – at the very earliest – probably Winter 2014.

Via Kotaku