Who: Fergie and Pitbull
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Voli launched in 2007 but really took off in 2010, when Pitbull became a majority-equity owner, followed by Fergie in 2012. Voli's line of five vodkas, including flavors like cocoa raspberry and espresso vanilla fusion, is like Skinnygirl bottled cocktails— it's for drinkers who are more concerned with calories than with what's in the glass. And as such, it's not to be taken seriously by spirits snobs. Then again, Voli isn't intended for spirits snobs, and if you're downing it at a Black Eyed Peas show, you'll find that it's a perfectly palatable and a very smooth vodka. The catch? It's low-cal because some of the alcohol has been replaced by water; it's a mere 60 proof (30% alcohol) rather than the 80 proof required of non-flavored vodkas (even the unflavored Voli isn't called a vodka anywhere on the bottle, thereby skirting the law), so you'll have to drink more of it to get your buzz on.